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Hello everyone,

My name is Ronny and I live in Belgium. I have had a Zero SR/S since April 2022. I equipped the motorcycle with smoked LED indicator lights and a center stand options. But then a few weeks later the misery begins.
Below is a list of the problems :

06/17/2022 - Battery percentage changes when the engine is turned off and then turned back on.
Action: Replace the battery in April 2023. During the replacement of the main battery, the brake disc bushings
were cleaned again together with a Zero Motorcycles technician.

??-09-2022 - Saddle "folds" in the middle.
Action: Replace saddle with a new one (dealer's initiative)

05-12-2022 - Moisture in the display: Moisture is entering the display.
Action: Replace the display.

05-12-2022 - Right front brake disc: Brake disc is bent. The customer noticed while driving that the brake was
not working properly. After analysis it turned out that the front right brake disc was bent. We cleaned the
disc bushings as Pepijn from Hofland Motoren advised us, but the problem persisted. We then marked lines on
the disc and rotated the front wheel. This showed that the lines disappear without braking, indicating that the disc
is bent.
Action: Replace brake discs, brake pads and front rim.

06-12-2022 - Isolation Error: Customer reported an insulation error. After a remote session it turned out that the error came
from the controller.
Action: Replace controller.

08-29-2023 - Vibrating front brakes: Customer is still experiencing a vibrating front brake.
Action: New rim, new discs, new brake pads. Cleaned the brake pads with brake cleaner and rotated them using
a drill.
This helped for 2 weeks and afterwards the vibrations in the front brake returned. This needs to be resolved

All of the above errors also took a very long time (at least 2 months or more) before action was taken. Dealer
cannot be blamed! Did/is doing everything he can to get this resolved.

Dealer first had to report the defect to Zero. It then took weeks (at least 6-8 weeks) to respond.
When the dealer received the "green" light, the part was ordered. Waiting weeks again!
In the meantime, neither my dealer nor I received any feedback on the state of affairs.

14-12-2023 - Motorcycle picked up by Zero Motorcycles itself.
I have been informed that they have identified the following defects: (this was passed on to my dealer by Zero Benelux)
- Brake disc bent again (3rd time!)
- Broken headset bearing! (new engine with 12,000 km on the odometer!)
- Driving the motorcycle crookedly. This can be seen from the uneven wear of the tires! (This can of course
indicate a bent frame or a bent swingarm).
What are they going to do with my crooked tires? Are they going to replace those too? !

In the meantime, the engine has been at Zero's main distributor in the Netherlands for 2 months! Once again we
receive NO feedback from Zero.
It is also very difficult for Zero to admit that my engine is a worthless pile of iron that is full of manufacturing errors.
Why don't they at Zero take the time to talk to the customer and offer a fair solution.

My dealer cannot be blamed, he does his utmost, but he is hitting a wall himself !

Conclusion: Zero America can you help me ?
My observations from Zero Benelux:

- Communication, not to my dealer or to me = Zero
- Customer friendliness = Zero
- Solving the problems (takes a very long time) = Zero

I'm still willing to listen to Zero's proposals, but the way things are going now, it's really no longer possible.
Can anyone here on the forum help me ?

### UPDATE ###
Received an update yesterday regarding previously reported problems :

- Replacement of front and rear tires + Replacing the front wheel bearings + Adjustment of the headset and replacement of bearings. ---> 4x ---> 320 €
- Replacement of the brake pads and discs. ---> Goodwill ---> 0 €
- Correct adjustment of the Belt. ---> Goodwill ---> 0 €
- Front tire. ---> 1x ---> 164,50 €
- Rear tire. ---> 1x ---> 217,00 €
- Headset bearings. ---> 1x ---> 40,17 €
- Front wheel bearings. ---> 3x ?! ---> 80,07 €

Totally WITHOUT taxes : 821,74 € ! ! !

Zero delivers a bad product and I have to pay for it! ! ! Do not think so ! ! ! Motor Bike is still under warranty.
This is really scandalous ! ! !
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