randomised engine cut

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I'm french, living in France and I don't find local answers to my problem : from a year ago now My SR 11.4 (2014, 42000 Kms) every day, has engine cuts, whenever, wherever, when I ride, or start . I cut the contact, restart, and wayt for the error codes (48, 49, 31), clear the screen until 0000, and then it works again.
It's been fixed twice by local technician with lap-top, it's been working for 1 month, and problem is back again.
Questions : have you ever heard of this? what can I check to fixe it? is there an issue with a disfonction of a relay? Is it the signal of batteries problem (9 years, 42 000 Kms).

Thanks for you if you have an idear.

Doc 78