Give your e-bike a Jolt of energy.


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Coming from a long history of owning fossil fuelers, I am having a bit of a problem making a clean transition. Without a liquid cooling system, the Zero surely needs cooling fins. A little bit of pin striping tape and, viola, I now have cooling fins. The visual has certainly reduced the number of people asking me where my motor is. Along the same lines, I noticed the distinct lack of a carburetor or fuel injector, so I did lots of research and developed a solution. I designed and built an energy drink injection system. With it's lightning bolt graphic, Jolt Cola seemed to be the obvious choice for the energy boost. I haven't had a chance to do full testing yet, but if the advertising on the can is correct, I'm expecting to, at least, double the power on the FXS. If these mods work out, I guess I'll be working on some kind of performance exhaust system next.



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Has anybody come up with a way to broadcast the sound of a Harley matched to the load and speed of a Zero -- in realtime of course.