Electric-friendly group rides in San Francisco Bay Area April 12, 26


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Hey! I'm planning two group rides in the San Francisco Bay Area that might be of special interest to this forum inasmuch as (1) I'll be on them with my 2012 Zero S ZF9 and (2) consequently, they're organized around a "fun" segment within range of a 2012 Zero S ZF9 with J1772 stations at both ends. (Bring your own adapters, etc.; I'll be using mine.) (Please view links using the old Google Maps; the new one is miserable for plotting complex routes.)

I'll be keeping a moderate pace; others may do as they wish.

If you're coming, I'd appreciate advance notice by public reply, PM, or email. I'll be charging before each trip but may not wait at the station; if you contact me, we can try to meet early. If you are running late to the meeting point, please email me.

(I'm posting this announcement on multiple forums because no single forum reaches everyone; it's a PITA. If you consider this abusive, let me know what you think would be reasonable.)