Bleed the rear break of a DS


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Hi guys, i had a serious problem while bleeding the breaks of my DS. The front break is more or less ok, the rear is totaly off. we can not generate preasur. Has anyone an idea how to fix it, i am in NZ, and there is no service for Zeros in the country, and i had the only 2 Zeros here.


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buy a power bleeder, they are inexpensive and are lifesavers. ps most powerbleeders require an air compressor if you don't have an air compressor you are screwed. rear brake lines are harder to bleed manually than front lines because they are more or less level so air bubble do not rise to the highest point which is usually the front master cylinder. be persistent and tap the lines gently to move air bubbles through the system and of course make sure no air bubbles enter the lines while bleeding and that you keep the pedal depressed until you close the bleeder completely. sorry to be so basic if you do know what you are doing just trying to help if you don't. also any mc dealership should be able to bleed your brakes correctly regardless of the bike manufacturer