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  1. Charlie McReynolds

    Why is this forum so dead?

    What range are you getting?
  2. Charlie McReynolds

    hi...just bought my first zero...2022 SR.

    Range is my biggest issue with my 2020 SRS. 65 miles at 70 mph and the battery is drained.
  3. Charlie McReynolds

    Cyber battery upgrade

    Sad to see they cannot extend the current battery further. Real range is 65 miles at 70 mph. That is way under rated range.
  4. Charlie McReynolds

    Cyber range update

    I have a 2020 Zero SRS and just got told by Zero that the cyber range extender download is not available on my bike. After looking forward to that for over 6 months it comes as a surprise. These are short range bikes, range is a problem. I did not want to put more weight up top with the extra...
  5. Charlie McReynolds

    Zero Leathers custom made

    Check out these Zero SRS custom built leathers. They are nice!
  6. Charlie McReynolds

    Value drop

    I asked my local dealership to put a real world value on my bike. Sold in 2020 for 22,000. I did the heat grips by them to. Has a new rear tire and they said 11,500 is all it’s worth now. So these bikes do not hold value. If you buy them know that. I love my bike and really don’t care about what...
  7. Charlie McReynolds

    Cyber battery upgrade

    My bike goes 124 mph and has 110 horse power and 140 foot pounds of torque stock. 2020 SRS. Does the power cyber update do anything for mine? It’s pretty fast already 😁.
  8. Charlie McReynolds

    Cyber battery upgrade

    What is this performance upgrade and what does it do?
  9. Charlie McReynolds

    Why is this forum so dead?

    It’s nice where I live in modesto California most of the year. Just have wear different suits with temperature changes. I ride year around, I don’t ride in the rain though. I get to ride here 9 - 10 months out of the year. Some days in the winter get in the low 36 degrees so I don’t ride because...
  10. Charlie McReynolds

    Why is this forum so dead?

    Maybe the bikes are just that good! I sure love mine. They do need to adjust prices lower on cyber upgrades when you pay 25,000 on a bike.
  11. Charlie McReynolds

    CEL already on at 48 mi

    I would have the dealership look at that. If that sensor goes out you are stuck where you are.
  12. Charlie McReynolds

    Does anyone make a more comfortable seat?

    I would check with Corbin, they have made seats for me. You can customize it to you also.
  13. Charlie McReynolds

    Rear tire

    Just changed my rear tire at 4,100 miles. Front still looks good. How many miles or time on the front tire is recommended? I know rubber breaks down over the years. I keep the bike in the garage at night and in my shop at work so it gets limited sun on it. If anyone knows recommend time (age) of...
  14. Charlie McReynolds

    Cyber battery upgrade

    I heard this comes out in October. 2,100 dollars to let you use the same battery you already bought with the bike. Is it just me or does that sound high for allowing you to use the full battery on a bike you already bought because they held back the performance of the battery? You would think...
  15. Charlie McReynolds

    Brake recall

    Anyone have any information on the brake recall and if the parts are available to fix it yet?
  16. Charlie McReynolds

    Yosemite Ride

    Is anyone in the 209 area interested in a Yosemite run this summer?
  17. Charlie McReynolds

    Pairing IPhone to Zero SRS

    Thank you, I got it paired with your help and Zero factory support. At first even with Zero talking me though it the bike would not pair. Then everything clicked and now it works every time. Thank again for your help.
  18. Charlie McReynolds


    So my bike needed heated grips installed by the dealership 61 miles away from me. I left my house at 100% charge and arrived at the dealership at 30% charge. I was running 70 miles per hour on cruise control. I think at this speed of 70 mph you have real world range of 85 miles. The plug in app...
  19. Charlie McReynolds

    Pairing IPhone to Zero SRS

    I finally got my I phone to pair. Works good now, thank you Zero support!
  20. Charlie McReynolds

    At home charging using 240V outlet without power tank

    You have to have the J1772 connection plug. I recently contacted Zero about this. If you have the above connector they say you can charge with it both 3kw and 6KW. It’s not recommended to charge 100% all the time. I have my bike set to automatically turn off at 85%. This helps with battery life.